Google Analytics

Throughout this semester at Grand Valley State University I have learned some very valuable technology skills that I’ll be able to use in the “real world” as I move forward in my career in advertising and public relations. I have improved my skills with Adobe Photoshop and InDesign as well as learning how to use Final Cut Pro like a pro. I also have breached out to the large world of Google. And no, I am not just talking about the popular search engine. Before this semester I honestly had no idea all the different parts of Google that is available to the public.

I recently was awarded for successfully completing the Google Analytics Academy course Google Analytics for Beginners! Now you might be asking “what in the world is Google Analytics and why does it matter I have a beginner certificate?!” Well if you don’t know what Google Analytics is sit back, and continue to follow along because I’m going to explain my whole experience with it.

My certificate is pictured below:

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 10.37.34 PM

Seets, G. (April 24, 2017). Google Analytics certification. Screenshot [PNG]. Retrieved from:

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 6.44.38 PM

Seets, G. (April 24, 2017). Google Analytics certification. Screenshot [PNG]. Retrieved from:

Google Analytics is a web analytics service ran by Google (obviously) that tracks and reports all different types of website traffic. It allows you to do all types of different things with your website that I didn’t even know was possible. Such as viewing how many users view the website and at what time and how often. This is all done because Google Analytics is implemented with “page tags”, called the Google Analytics Tracking Code. Which is a snippet of JavaScript code that the website owner adds to every page of the website.

So now you might be saying “oh cool, but what can I do with certificate of completion?” Well for starters, it can be used to build your resume. This could be something to give you a little edge over your competition during a big interview. With that saying, it could also help your company out in general. A company’s continued status as a certified partner is dependent upon its customers delivering positive feedback about its work to Google.

How do you get this Google Analytics certificate? You can click HERE, or you can always just search “Google Analytics Certification”. Then you have to sign in and the process is fairly self explanatory. The course is composed of six different chapters that give you a basic knowledge of Google Analytics. In each chapter there is videos and a short quiz at the end. In order to successfully complete this process and get your certificate, you must score at least a 80%. Thankfully I passed on my first time! I feel as if this could be very beneficial in my future as in my advertising career.






Networking Event #2

For my second networking event I attended the Social Networking BL²ENDer at Creston Brewery. It was held on April 20th and it was downtown Grand Rapids. Not going to lie, going into this event I was very nervous. I had absolutely no idea what to expect especially since I haven’t even been to this venue before. I was feeling a bit intimidated so I brought my roommate along with me for moral support.

Once we arrived, I was instantly less scared and more excited about what this event had to offer. There were several people there walking around talking to one another, so at first I started talked to the youngest people there because that’s what I was most comfortable with. Then I eventually became more and more comfortable and branched out to several people there. I stayed for about two hours and met a lot of very nice and interesting people at this event. Almost everyone I encountered worked in Grand Rapids and had nothing but great things to say about it. I talked to a few people about internships next summer and got their contact information to reach out to them in a later date! Overall I think this event was a success and I am very happy I stepped out of my comfort zone and went.


Social Media Management

This week I learned how to schedule my tweets on my personal Twitter account @GiannaSeets. I used the website Tweetdeck to help me  organize my twitter and tweeting schedule. Tweetdeck was super easy to use and I would highly recommend it. I think something like this would come in handy all the time if you were running several Twitter accounts or if you ran a professional Twitter account.

I scheduled five different tweets to be posted at different times over the span of a few days. In each tweet I included the hashtag “#CAP105GVSU” for my class requirements. These are simple and relatable tweets that show me expressing myself on a daily basis, and are something I would tweet even if they were not required. I for sure will be using Tweetdeck again in the future and am happy I now am familiar with this tool.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 6.23.42 PM


Networking Event #1

For the first networking event of the semester I decided to visit the GVSU’s Career and Counseling Center. In the Career Center on the Allendale campus I met with Lisa Knapp, she was very helpful and willing to talk about my future plans during and after my time at Grand Valley. She started out by asking me to talk about myself to get me more comfortable. Mrs. Knapp asked about where my hometown is and past jobs I have had and my interests.

We discussed how I have an interview at LaFontaine for a summer job in their marketing department, and that would be making steps in the right direction for my career choice in advertising. After talking for sometime with Mrs. Knapp, I am still not 100% sure what I want to do for my career. We talked about possible internships with different advertising agencies so I could get more of an inside look at what exactly I want my job to be. Overall I found this to be extremely helpful and I know if i keep doing what I am doing I’ll be on the right track for my future!


Technology In Careers


This week I decided to search for some potential jobs. Summer is coming up and can’t be all fun in the sun, so why not look for a job that can be fun without the sun! I am currently an Advertising and Public Relations student and wanted to find something in that line of work. I used to website to help me search for the perfect job. It was extremely easy to use and found me several potential jobs in seconds.

I searched for jobs in “advertising” and sifted through all the results to find the ones I was most interested in. Some of the jobs were not entry level, but still intriguing. I was surprised to learn how some jobs have very little requirements and some have a very long list. Below I listed the name of each job title and the company it is for, along with the  software/technology/digital skills that these five jobs in particular require.

Technology skills required:

-Familiar with Microsoft Office, Outlook, CRM
-The ability/willingness to conduct business on iPad and cell phone                                         -One or more years of previous experience in an outside in direct mail and/or digital marketing products or services

Technology skills required:

-Experience with basic technical and problem solving skills to troubleshoot basic computer issues as they relate to the functions listed                                                                   -Must have a working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Outlook, Excel, and Word) and ability to learn university CRM in order to perform functions                                                   -Create engaging content and posts on Facebook, Linked-In efforts to reach prospective adult students for Professional & Graduate Studies
-Manage all posts, comments, and lead forms                                                                                 -Create internal repository of faculty and staff biographies
-Develop topics for future blog posts, then contact internal subject matter experts to write articles
-Review articles and re-write if necessary
-Manage blog posts, feedback and comments

Technology skills required:

-Implement and manage CRM usage and adoption
-Design and implement email marketing campaigns through Pardot to grow email list, to nurture leads, and to increase engagement, conversions, and sales
-Develop and manage social media platforms and campaigns
-Manage and optimize company website, including promotions, content development and editing, SEO, design, user experience, ecommerce, and performance analysis

Technology skills required:

-Web design – WordPress
-Social media analytics (Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Sprout Social)
-Basic website coding – ie: HTML, CSS, WordPress
-Video and photography skills

Technology skills required:

-Adobe InDesign software experience, Quick Service or Fast Casual experience preferred




This week I decided to give the free trial of Adobe InDesign a try. For my first time using this I made a business card for myself. Just giving basic information (phone number and address are not real) about me that I would like to put on a real business card. This also captured my personal brand by the adventurous and traveling pictures. I could definitely  see myself getting more familiar using InDesign in the future.

I was at first slightly intimidated by using InDesign for the first time, simply because it is new to me and I was completely unfamiliar with the program. Luckily it has a very similar layout to other Adobe programs that I do know how to use, which was comforting. Creating this business card was not very difficult and started to come together really quick. If anyone is looking for a quick and simple way to make quality and personalized business cards….I would definitely recommend giving Adobe InDesign a try!

Here is how my business card turned out:

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 12.02.55 AM

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 12.03.07 AM

SEO/SEM WordPress Site

Is anyone familiar with a SEO? Or maybe a SEM? Well, me neither up until a couple weeks ago. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. A SEO is basically generating productive, organic search traffic by matching query intent with relevance and value. This is a helpful tool I used with Google Adwords to help boost my website and blog.

I struggled sifting through Google Adwords at first simply because it was new, and something I have never worked with before. I believe this could really help businesses and people get their names out to the correct public. This should definitely be exposed to more people because most people have never even heard of it and it can be very helpful!

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 9.40.30 PM

I quickly realized while doing this that my website is in dire need of more personalization. Which would explain why all of my suggest keywords were about setting up a WordPress Website. It explains how easy it is to create a website for free while using a WordPress site. The other keywords were simply talking about a WordPress developer and WordPress development. So all in all, Google’s recommended keywords were not so helpful to my personal brand and my own keywords I added.

The global monthly searches for my five keywords, and Google’s are:

WordPress website: 27,100

Create a website for free: 12,100

WordPress developer: 9,900

WordPress development: 18,100

WordPress site: 12,100

“Gianna Seets”: 0

Adventure: 100,000,000

Outdoors: 823,000

Active: 246,000

“Friends and Family”: 49,500

Moving on from here, I will definitely tune up and personalize my website!




Since spring break is coming up and that is all I can think about, I thought why not use some of my excitement towards this assignment! We were required to pick any image and using photoshop, we could add or remove something  from it. We also had to add a filter to our final photoshopped picture. I decided to add a shark dorsal fin to the back, simply because I love sharks and it seemed fitting for the image. I then used the Saturation filter to enhance the colors and make everything look brighter. Just as Kieth Urban says in his hit song Blue Ain’t Your Color : “If I were a painter I wouldn’t change ya I’d just paint you brighter.”

This assignment started off pretty rough, considering I have only used photoshop once before in my entire life. We had extra time in class to ask questions and help each other out, which I think really helped me. I would not call myself a photoshop professional just yet, but I am definitely more familiar with the program than I was a couple weeks ago!

Before my photoshop skills:


After my photoshop skills:




Video Assignment

In this assignment we were supposed to use the editing software Final Cut, to edit a video that expressed our personal brand. My personal brand is all about finding adventure and joy in everything in life, while spending time with the most important people in your life. Whether you are bored on a long car ride, on an exotic vacation or hanging out by the campfire on a warm summer night, there is always time for a good time. The most important people in my life are my family and my best friends, which are main parts of my video.

At first I was quite nervous about making this video, simply because I have never used Final Cut and had no idea what it was all about. Once I started to get the hang of the layout and the different tools to use, it was fairly easy to maneuver. I have not done much video editing before this, other than simple iMovie videos for high school projects. This was a very interesting assignment and I actually ended up enjoying it!

Screen Shot:




I chose to do my Infographic on “How To Take The Perfect Nap”. I did this because well, I am really good at taking naps. And I relize not everyone has this same ability I have, so I thought I would try and help as much as I could. My personal brand is all about traveling and finding adventures and happiness in the small things around you. Taking cat naps everyday is something that makes me extraordinary happy!

It did not take me long to think of the simple steps I do to take a “perfect” nap. I would define a perfect nap as a nap that you wake up feeling relieved from, and you can not think of how the rest of your day could have gone on without it. Everyone has busy lives, everyone. So if you can find time to yourself to recharge for the rest of the day, I highly recommend you take that nap!