Google Analytics

Throughout this semester at Grand Valley State University I have learned some very valuable technology skills that I’ll be able to use in the “real world” as I move forward in my career in advertising and public relations. I have improved my skills with Adobe Photoshop and InDesign as well as learning how to use Final Cut Pro like a pro. I also have breached out to the large world of Google. And no, I am not just talking about the popular search engine. Before this semester I honestly had no idea all the different parts of Google that is available to the public.

I recently was awarded for successfully completing the Google Analytics Academy course Google Analytics for Beginners! Now you might be asking “what in the world is Google Analytics and why does it matter I have a beginner certificate?!” Well if you don’t know what Google Analytics is sit back, and continue to follow along because I’m going to explain my whole experience with it.

My certificate is pictured below:

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 10.37.34 PM

Seets, G. (April 24, 2017). Google Analytics certification. Screenshot [PNG]. Retrieved from:

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 6.44.38 PM

Seets, G. (April 24, 2017). Google Analytics certification. Screenshot [PNG]. Retrieved from:

Google Analytics is a web analytics service ran by Google (obviously) that tracks and reports all different types of website traffic. It allows you to do all types of different things with your website that I didn’t even know was possible. Such as viewing how many users view the website and at what time and how often. This is all done because Google Analytics is implemented with “page tags”, called the Google Analytics Tracking Code. Which is a snippet of JavaScript code that the website owner adds to every page of the website.

So now you might be saying “oh cool, but what can I do with certificate of completion?” Well for starters, it can be used to build your resume. This could be something to give you a little edge over your competition during a big interview. With that saying, it could also help your company out in general. A company’s continued status as a certified partner is dependent upon its customers delivering positive feedback about its work to Google.

How do you get this Google Analytics certificate? You can click HERE, or you can always just search “Google Analytics Certification”. Then you have to sign in and the process is fairly self explanatory. The course is composed of six different chapters that give you a basic knowledge of Google Analytics. In each chapter there is videos and a short quiz at the end. In order to successfully complete this process and get your certificate, you must score at least a 80%. Thankfully I passed on my first time! I feel as if this could be very beneficial in my future as in my advertising career.






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