Networking Event #2

For my second networking event I attended the Social Networking BL²ENDer at Creston Brewery. It was held on April 20th and it was downtown Grand Rapids. Not going to lie, going into this event I was very nervous. I had absolutely no idea what to expect especially since I haven’t even been to this venue before. I was feeling a bit intimidated so I brought my roommate along with me for moral support.

Once we arrived, I was instantly less scared and more excited about what this event had to offer. There were several people there walking around talking to one another, so at first I started talked to the youngest people there because that’s what I was most comfortable with. Then I eventually became more and more comfortable and branched out to several people there. I stayed for about two hours and met a lot of very nice and interesting people at this event. Almost everyone I encountered worked in Grand Rapids and had nothing but great things to say about it. I talked to a few people about internships next summer and got their contact information to reach out to them in a later date! Overall I think this event was a success and I am very happy I stepped out of my comfort zone and went.



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