Networking Event #1

For the first networking event of the semester I decided to visit the GVSU’s Career and Counseling Center. In the Career Center on the Allendale campus I met with Lisa Knapp, she was very helpful and willing to talk about my future plans during and after my time at Grand Valley. She started out by asking me to talk about myself to get me more comfortable. Mrs. Knapp asked about where my hometown is and past jobs I have had and my interests.

We discussed how I have an interview at LaFontaine for a summer job in their marketing department, and that would be making steps in the right direction for my career choice in advertising. After talking for sometime with Mrs. Knapp, I am still not 100% sure what I want to do for my career. We talked about possible internships with different advertising agencies so I could get more of an inside look at what exactly I want my job to be. Overall I found this to be extremely helpful and I know if i keep doing what I am doing I’ll be on the right track for my future!



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