Technology In Careers


This week I decided to search for some potential jobs. Summer is coming up and can’t be all fun in the sun, so why not look for a job that can be fun without the sun! I am currently an Advertising and Public Relations student and wanted to find something in that line of work. I used to website to help me search for the perfect job. It was extremely easy to use and found me several potential jobs in seconds.

I searched for jobs in “advertising” and sifted through all the results to find the ones I was most interested in. Some of the jobs were not entry level, but still intriguing. I was surprised to learn how some jobs have very little requirements and some have a very long list. Below I listed the name of each job title and the company it is for, along with the  software/technology/digital skills that these five jobs in particular require.

Technology skills required:

-Familiar with Microsoft Office, Outlook, CRM
-The ability/willingness to conduct business on iPad and cell phone                                         -One or more years of previous experience in an outside in direct mail and/or digital marketing products or services

Technology skills required:

-Experience with basic technical and problem solving skills to troubleshoot basic computer issues as they relate to the functions listed                                                                   -Must have a working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Outlook, Excel, and Word) and ability to learn university CRM in order to perform functions                                                   -Create engaging content and posts on Facebook, Linked-In efforts to reach prospective adult students for Professional & Graduate Studies
-Manage all posts, comments, and lead forms                                                                                 -Create internal repository of faculty and staff biographies
-Develop topics for future blog posts, then contact internal subject matter experts to write articles
-Review articles and re-write if necessary
-Manage blog posts, feedback and comments

Technology skills required:

-Implement and manage CRM usage and adoption
-Design and implement email marketing campaigns through Pardot to grow email list, to nurture leads, and to increase engagement, conversions, and sales
-Develop and manage social media platforms and campaigns
-Manage and optimize company website, including promotions, content development and editing, SEO, design, user experience, ecommerce, and performance analysis

Technology skills required:

-Web design – WordPress
-Social media analytics (Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Sprout Social)
-Basic website coding – ie: HTML, CSS, WordPress
-Video and photography skills

Technology skills required:

-Adobe InDesign software experience, Quick Service or Fast Casual experience preferred




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