Since spring break is coming up and that is all I can think about, I thought why not use some of my excitement towards this assignment! We were required to pick any image and using photoshop, we could add or remove something  from it. We also had to add a filter to our final photoshopped picture. I decided to add a shark dorsal fin to the back, simply because I love sharks and it seemed fitting for the image. I then used the Saturation filter to enhance the colors and make everything look brighter. Just as Kieth Urban says in his hit song Blue Ain’t Your Color : “If I were a painter I wouldn’t change ya I’d just paint you brighter.”

This assignment started off pretty rough, considering I have only used photoshop once before in my entire life. We had extra time in class to ask questions and help each other out, which I think really helped me. I would not call myself a photoshop professional just yet, but I am definitely more familiar with the program than I was a couple weeks ago!

Before my photoshop skills:


After my photoshop skills:





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