I chose to do my Infographic on “How To Take The Perfect Nap”. I did this because well, I am really good at taking naps. And I relize not everyone has this same ability I have, so I thought I would try and help as much as I could. My personal brand is all about traveling and finding adventures and happiness in the small things around you. Taking cat naps everyday is something that makes me extraordinary happy!

It did not take me long to think of the simple steps I do to take a “perfect” nap. I would define a perfect nap as a nap that you wake up feeling relieved from, and you can not think of how the rest of your day could have gone on without it. Everyone has busy lives, everyone. So if you can find time to yourself to recharge for the rest of the day, I highly recommend you take that nap!




One thought on “Infographic

  1. brooklynwilsonblog says:

    First of all, I love that you did your infographic on this. I am one of those people who can never take a nap during the day. Even though I am tired 24/7 and would love to take a nap, I can never seem to force myself to sleep. I would love to try these steps and see if they actually work for me! So thanks for the help!


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